• Welcometo Akko Fastener Inc

    Innovator In the Metal Products Industry

    Manufacturer and distributor of cold-formed products and fastening components

    Our product line includes screws, bolts, rivets, pins, studs, and specialty hardware items that may have traditionally been machined.

  • WhatMakes Us Different

    We Understand Our Customers!

    Watch the Video with Our President, Nestor Fernandez

    Click Here to watch the video on our cold heading process and how Akko Fastener is able to adapt to their customers needs using their many years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

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What We Do

We differentiate ourselves through our extensive application and design support expertise and acclaimed customer service.


World Class Quality

Certified Minority Ownership


Exceptional Engineering Support

Flexibility in Stocking and Inventory Management

Outstanding On-time Delivery Record


Client Acclaimed Customer Service

Just in Time Delivery Service