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Cold Formed Products vs Machined Components

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Do you know the difference? AKKO Fastener does! We know you need a quality fastener, and we can produce one quickly through cold forming. An innovator in the metal products industry, we are a leader in cold formed products and fastening components.

How Cold Forming Differs from Machining Parts and Why it's Better

Today's technology allows the production of parts and components that are traditionally machined (screws, pins, rivets, bolts, etc.), to be made via cold forming. Unlike machining parts, which typically involves machining parts out of blocks of material on a lathe, cold forming generates little waste material, is more cost efficient, and several times faster than machining. Cold forming is a more economical process than machining which allows the production of hundreds of items per minute, particularly when it comes to producing small, round work and other small parts. Savings over machining parts can be as high as 50% to 100%, but efficiency doesn't sacrifice quality--cold forming actually increases the hardness, yield, and tensile strength of the part, unlike machining. The process creates superior parts at faster production rates.

How Does Cold Forming Work?

Our process begins with coils of high quality material, which is then formed under high pressure and high speed. Parts are extruded rather than machined. The cold headed blanks are then sent to the next secondary operation. Pinch-pointing machines apply self drilling points if the product requires it. We supply thread rolling, grooves & knurls and apply slots for self-tappers. Parts are then sent out for heat treatment and plating. We produce a large selection of fasteners for the automotive manufacturing industry, and are capable of supplying clips, machine screws, MAThread®bolts, TAPTITE®, REMFORM® and nylon-patched fasteners, and pass the savings on to you.

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How it works?Quality Matters

Here at Akko, we strive to generate the best products quickly and at an affordable price. We utilize sorting machines that scan each part individually via an optical scanner. This feature, combined with our in-process quality checks, assures that our customers receive defect-free parts as well as the correct parts per order, and packaging is always barcoded prior to shipping.


Producing high quality parts is a process we understand from start to finish and every step in between. Choosing the right fastener supplier means fast and reliable communication, quick turnarounds on orders, money well spent, and peace of mind. These are all trademarks of Akko Fastener, an industry leader. Let us be your speedy and reliable fastener provider. Our production process, as well as our track record, are proven because we put quality first.

Please visit our web page for contact information so we can provide you with more detailed knowledge about our products and services. You may also reach us by phone at 513-489-8300, or by fax at 513-489-8366. Let Akko Fastener be your quick and quality-cold formed fastener and parts provider.   

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