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Choosing the Best Industrial Fastener Supplier

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As you may have already heard, the weakest link determines the strength of the entire chain. Similarly, your manufacturing is only as strong and reliable as the industrial fasteners that you use. Choosing the right fastener supplier can make the difference between a successful product and a high return on investment, and the exact opposite. But, how do you choose and what should you be looking out for?

Putting quality first

AkkoFastener QCClick the Image to Play the Video Businesses thrive on the quality rather than the quantity of their product. For you to produce the best possible quality, you need parts that are of the best possible quality with which to work. This has to include your industrial fasteners. Just as importantly you need to know that the quality you experience the first time will be consistently replicated in every order. Therefore, the first thing you should look for in a supplier is a strict process of quality checks that includes inspection of every piece that is created. There should be no opportunity for error, and man and machine should work together during the inspection process to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Proven production processes

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Quality checking only accounts for one of the many processes that are required to produce a high-quality item. If the processes that precede the checks are not up to standard, the finished article will not meet the high standards that are required. When choosing a supplier for your industrial fasteners you need to question the processes that are used to produce the finished fastener. If the company you are considering is not willing to take you through at least the basics, consider walking away. Ideally, a top quality product is created using the following processes:

  1. Manufacturing cold-formed products which includes statistical process control
  2. Heat treating at certified facilities
  3. Professional plating at certified partners throughout the cold heading process
  4. Roll forming to apply threads, grooves, and knurls which includes statistical process control
  5. Sorting by machine and individual inspection
  6. Appropriate packing immediately after inspection

Providing peace of mind

There is little worse than ordering an item, particularly for your business, and then either not getting it on time, not getting it at all or getting the wrong item. If this does happen, you want to be able to contact the supplier quickly and deal with the problem effectively. When purchasing industrial fasteners, choosing a domestic company has many advantages; amongst which is being able to check credentials and access reviews from those in your industry with ease. In addition, a domestic supplier provides you with:

  • Quick communication time & less cost
  • Quicker turnaround on orders
  • Sales staff that understand your economic and business landscape
  • Understanding of safety and industry quality standards
  • Immediate communication in the event of quality or delivery issues 

Money well spent

Every business needs to watch its expenditure, but the cheapest is not always the best. In fact, it can often work out far more expensive, in the long run, particularly in terms of your business' reputation. The key to getting the right supplier of industrial fasteners is assessing the value you get for your money, and choosing a company that provides consistent high quality. Well made products that are safely packaged and delivered on time is crucial to cost-efficiency of any order. All of these factors also play a pivotal role in increasing your business' ability to improve your return on investment, retain existing customers and increase your customer base.


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