Manufacturing & Distribution

While size might not matter, quality certainly does, and there is nothing more frustrating than designing an amazing product just to find that it does not work as expected.  It is even more frustrating when you find that the problem is with the quality of one of the smallest components in the product.  How do you ensure that every component works as it should?  The answer is to put quality first, even with the smallest parts of your product, the fasteners.

Frequent change and innovation is the rule throughout the new economy, and the auto industry is no exception.  Auto manufacturers must constantly track consumer demands, adopt new technology, and streamline their production processes in order to provide safe, convenient, affordable vehicles. Buyers must pay attention to auto industry trends and adapt their shopping patterns accordingly.  The most important trends in 2015 include:

Every aspect of the automotive manufacturing industry is evolving in order to respond to a demand for lighter, smaller, stronger and more cost-efficient parts. From major mechanical components, right down to the fasteners that hold it all together, no opportunity for improvement has been overlooked. In particular, over the past few years, fastener manufacturers have made great strides in improving performance. Much of their success has been the result of new threading strategies and heat-treating processes that improve strength.

Quality and consistency are essential when providing any service to customers in any sector, and the creation and provision of fasteners are no different in this respect. A crucial part of ensuring the quality and consistency that the customer expects and relies upon are the processes that the parts undergo before they are ready to be shipped out. 

The battle between domestic manufacturing and outsourcing has raged on for decades. With the current state of affairs our economy is in, many businesses feel it is wiser to outsource manufacturing. While that may seem true when comparing the set cost, an apple-to-apple comparison may state otherwise. Here is a closer look at 5 reasons why domestic manufacturing is superior to outsourcing.