Cold-formed products are manufactured out of coils of material.


Between the various manufacturing processes, parts are cleaned and dried to remove oils, char, or shavings.

Pinch Pointing

If the product will have a self-drilling point, it will be applied by one of our pinch pointing machines.

Heat Treating

Parts are sent out in bulk containers for heat treating at specific certified Heat Treat facilities.


The parts are sent directly from our heat treaters to our plater where any finish required can be applied to your product.


The heading process cuts the coiled wire into specific lengths and "punches" the head, recess, and shoulder features of the part.

Roll Forming

At this manufacturing stage, threads, grooves, and knurls are applied to the parts.


Self-tapping parts will run through this process to apply slots to the shanks of the components.


AKKO Fastener has sorting machines in our facility where products can be 100% optically sorted (each individual part is inspected) for correct dimensions and plating. This feature, in addition to our standard in-process quality checks, allows us to approach defect-free parts.


AKKO's product is packaged and barcoded (AIAG compatible) immediately after any required sorting, and stored or shipped per customer instruction. AKKO is EDI capable and can send ASN's for your planning needs.